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We are Denis Widmann Design Studio. A vibrant award-winning studio focused on brand creation and communication, packaging and luxury paper goods. We are deeply passionate about a uniquely tailored design experience with a twist. Our core belief is that everything you do, should be done with love because pure beauty can only truly shine when it comes from the heart. It’s what makes us human and our creations remarkable. We aim for excellence and strive for the best. Because we care. For design. For vivid communication and most importantly for you. Because without you there is no us. It’s what defines us and sets us apart. With love.

Our Team

Denis Widmann


Denis is an multi award-winning Graphic Designer with 15+ years of experience. He collaborates with renowned brands such as Adobe and Campari, while also occasionally teaching visual communication across Germany. His passion lies in brand creation, digital-analogue design, and tactile experiences. Denis enjoys tea, discussing design, and immersing himself in new trends and cultures through travel. He combines German efficiency with British quirkiness, sharing a love for Great Britain, Harry Potter, and Art & Design.

Tom Redlbacher

Junior Designer

Tom, our junior designer, is a forward-thinking and passionate communication design student from Munich. He excels in various design disciplines, with a particular focus on packaging design. During his time at the studio, he has already won multiple design awards for us, such as the Gmund Award. Thus showcasing his hard work and determination. Beyond the studio, his heart beats for cars, sports, and his friends. Tom is an invaluable asset to our team.

Our Clients


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2023 | winner
2023 | 2 X Finalist
          4 X NOMINATED
2021 | Finalist
         10 X nominated
2019 |  1 X NOMINATED

2023 | gold
2022 | silber, gold
2021 | Gold, platin

2023 | commended

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